Railway Products
Fabricated Bogie Frame & Bogie Bolsters
  • Fab - 2 Bogies
  • ATHS Bogies
  • WAP-5 Bogies
  • WDM 3D Bogies
  • WAG 9 & 9H Bogie
  • WAG 7 Bogie
  • LHB bogie frames for Coaches
  • Bogie Bolsters
Under Frame & Shell Assembly
  • BEC has dedicated shop to perform extra large fabrication for the railways
  • It has set up complete production line to fabricate under frames for Locomotives
  • The capacity to deliver 6 sets per month Under frame is achieved
  • Each under frame weighs 20 to 28 tons & length up to 23 meters
  • Specialized manipulator is designed to ensure all welding in down hand positions
  • BEC intends to develop under frame assembly for coaches. Orders for the pats of LHB coaches under frame expected
Power Pack Parts for Diesel Locomotive
  • 16 Cylinder Engine Block for Alco Locomotives
  • 16 Cylinder Crank Case for EMD Locomotives
Components and Parts
  • 3-Phase Tracation Motors type 6FRA6068 for WAG-9 and WAP-7 locomotives
  • 3-Phase Tracation Motors type 6FXA7059 for WAP-5 locomotive
  • Hitachi Traction Motor Type HS15250A for WAP4 & WAG7 locomotives