BEC Hospital Effluent Treatment Plant (HETP) for have been developed on DRDO Anaerobic Biodegradation Technology enriched with 5 Step Tertiary Treatment System. HETP is an Eco-Friendly method to treat Hospital Wastewater which requires very nominal recurring cost & over ground space (20ftx6ft underground space only). It eliminates all the sludge, foul smell and generates clear water. Treated water can be recycled in flushing system, gardening and cleaning purposes. HETP Functions as water treatment unit. The effluent coming from different unit of hospital contaminated by organic pollutants, heavy metals, pathogens, blood & human tissues will be mixed with sewage. Combined effluent will be degraded and eradicated by the Anaerobic Microbial Culture (AMI) in the biodigester. AMI is licensed product from DRDO & having origin from Antartica. It also reduces BOD and TDS present in the hospital effluent. Anaerobic Bioreactor followed by 5-step treatment process (Oxidation, Sedimentation, Multigrade Filtration, Activated Charcoal Filtration & UV Treatment) results clear and recyclable water.

Installed Unit

In this system we provide gravity based water channelling supported by advanced hybrid anti flooding system to prevent sudden hydraulic load. This plant consumes very nominal electrical power (max-5unit/day) and judicious amount of chemicals to treat medical wastewater hence this system is having very low maintenance and recurring cost.


Product Details
1. Treatment technique: Anaerobic Bioreactor with 5 stage tertiary treatment (oxidation + sedimentation + MGF + ACF)
2. Capacity : 3 kld to 10 kld
3. Colour : blue
4. Power : 5 per day different
5. Quality : as per cpcb norms
6. Installation type : prefabricated
7. Material of construction : fibre reinforced plastic Total weight thousand kg

● Low recurring cost low maintenance and
● Very less space required
● Eco friendly technology from the DRDO
● No slug generation
● Hybrid flow technology