Plant & Process:
BEC Foods has adopted state of the art technology for processing fruits, vegetables and spices.The Plant designed and commissioned by Alfa Laval Sweden for processing & aseptic packing of various Tropical fruits and vegetables.

After sterilization, the product is packed directly into aseptic packs through Alfa Laval's "Star-Asept" system, the most advanced in the world today. With this kind of packaging, the products are assured of a long shelf life with complete preservatives or refrigeration. Secondary is provided to provided to protect the bags against flex cracking and pin hole damage.

All processing operations like extraction, refining, concentration, sterilization and aseptic packing are automatic and take place in sealed systems for total hygiene. Computerized process controls ensure continuous maintenance of parameters essential to the preservation of colour, flavour and taste to international standards.

Contract Farming:
BEC Foods have established and sustained lasting linkage with the Tomato growers, by adopting innovative practices like contract farming, in a radius of 100 KM from the processing Unit based on mutual trust and understanding. This ensures complete traceability of the products, right from the growers Field during Processing till the product in the storage facility – a highly desirable phenomenon in Indian food industry.