BEC Foods processes various tropical Fruits into Pulses, Pastes and Concentrates, also making speciality products like Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste and other spices based products. We also offer variety of juice blends across the country and to the International markets.BEC Foods have the capability and expertise to process fruits like Tomato, Mango, Guava, Papaya, Tamarind, Amla etc. to the desired specifications of the customer requirement. We work closely with farmers to grow tomatoes , Chillies etc and is major manufacturer of Aseptically packed Tomato paste, Chilli Puree, Tamarind concentrate, Frozen Orange juice Concentrate & Other Citrus fruit Pulp & Concentrate.

Speciality Products Juice Blends
Chillie Paste Mix Fruits
Garlic Paste Pink Guava
Ginger Paste Mango
Onion Paste Tomato

Bulk Products
Pulps Concentrates Pastes
Mango Alphanso Mango Totapuri Tomato
Mango Totapuri Papaya Chillie
Guava Guava Tamarind
Tamarind Tamarind

While the plant is designed and having facilities of processing a large variety of fruits and vegetables, major products being currently manufactured and aseptically packaged for the industrial users are as follows:

Products Aseptic Packing
(Kg per bag)
Tomato Paste 225
Red/Green Chilli Puree 210
Tamarind Paste 225
Orange Juice Concentrate 225
Orange Pulp Concentrate 225
Mosambi Juice 200
Lemon Concentrate 225
Lemon Juice 226