Coke Oven Complex
Coke Making – Coke Quenching
Bhilai Engineering Corporation in association with GIPROKOKS (GPK), UKRAINE offers end to end solution for the Coke Oven Complex. We have successfully executed Rebuilding Coke Oven Complex & 2 Projects of new Coke Oven Complex is under execution for the 7meter tall battery complexof following rated capacity:

S.No. Norms Rated Capacity
1 Requirement of dry coal blend 1.15975 Mt/yr
2 Production of run of coke 0.8814 Mt/yr
3 Production of Blast Furnace Coke (25-80 MM) size fraction (dry) 0.7757 Mt/yr
4 Generation of coke breeze (-25 mm size fraction) dry 0.1057 Mt/yr
5 Generation of coke oven gas of calorific value 42365 Nm3/h
Coke Making
Coke making is done in the Coke Oven Battery. Cooking Coals are heated in the absence of air to produce a solid coherent mass called coke. When coking coal is heated in absence of air, a series of physical & chemical changes takes place with the evaluation of gasses & vapors & the solid residue left behind is called coke of desired mechanical & thermo chemical properties.

Dry Coke Quenching
Coke Oven ComplexDry quenching of the coke is the advanced technology for the post carbonization treatment. It is environmental friendly process for the cooling of coke. Here the red hot coke is cooled by the inert gasses, instead of conventional water quenching. It not only effectively utilizes the thermal energy of the red hot coke but also results in the improvement of coke quality.

Our scope in the integrated coke oven complex includes following:
  • Conceptualization of the project
  • Basic & Detailed engineering
  • Coke Oven Battery with coke oven servicing machines
  • Settling Tank with coke breeze disposal system
  • Coke Wharf with Drag Plough
  • Interconnecting process & utility pipe lines
  • Electric, Instrumentation, Automation & Telecommunications
  • Fire protection & Dust suppression system
  • Charging & Pushing emission control System
  • Coal & Coke Handling Plant
  • Utility services & Illumination
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation System
  • All associated civil work
  • Start ups & commissioning & Performance guarantee
  • Operational & Maintenance assistance & support for spares