In the Media
2010-2011 was another successful year for the Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited. We made excellent progress & our highlights for the period are:
  1. We had good achievements in all business segments & maintained a strong balance sheet to grow further.
  2. We do have better revenue & business visibility for the future.
  3. Our EPC business & Foundry business have delivered encouraging results.
  4. Our state of art facility for the Wind Mill Tower manufacturing have enhanced there capacity thru mechanization for delivering 600 towers per annum.
  5. Investment in the group company for the manufacture of equipment & structures has increased our capacity considerably. We have now installed capacity for manufacturing of Machineries & Equipments including structure up to 36000 ton per annum
  6. We have expanded our export channel for the supply of products & have advanced our discussions for association with technological companies globally to offer innovative solution to core sector.
  7. International reorganization for our foundry division from American & German Railway certifying agencies shows that quality truly is the way of life at Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited.
  8. Moving up the value chain, we are predominately adopting EPC business portfolio & are offering solution in Industrial Projects, Coke Oven Projects etc.
  9. BEC brand has now become a global brand for turnkey supply of Coke Oven Machines with 150 installations worldwide.
  10. Based on the development & investment made during the period, we are confident of another successful year in 2011-2012.
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