Coke Oven Machines on Turnkey Basis
As an emerging global specialists in supplying complete range of Coke Oven Servicing Machines, Bhilai Engineering Corporation engineered technology offers state-of-art Machines for Coke oven Complex, large or small.

Range of Machines Coke Oven Battery Size Brief Scope of Work
Coal Charging Car Height 4.0 meter a) Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erecting, Testing, Trial Run, Commisioning, Establishing Performance Gurantee.

b) Including Electrical System, drive automation, handling facilities, Instrumentation, automation, intercommunication, interlocking, air-conditioning, ventilation, pollution control measures & illumination.
Coke Pusher Car Height  4.3 meter
Coke Guide Car Height 4.45 meter
Coke Quenching Car Height 5.0 meter
Electric Loco Height 6.2 meter
Pushing Emmission Control System Height 7.0 meter
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Functional Specifications of Coke Pusher Car
  • Coke Pusher CarTravel the machine to Oven & Centre
  • Engage door extractor with the door, lift & remove oven door to cleaning position
  • Push the red hot coke out of the oven into the Coke Quenching Car through Coke Guide Car on the discharge side of battery
  • Clean Oven Door & Door Frame
  • Replace Oven Door
  • Open the Leveler Window, level the coal charge in the oven, clean leveler window frame,& there after close the leveler window
  • Collect splillage during leveling,& door extraction operation in to a hopper & dispose off the same in to the skip hoist bunker
  • Cycle time will be equal or less than 11 minutes
Functional Specifications of Coke Guide Car
  • Coke Guide CarTravel to the oven to be pushed & center the door extractor
  • Engage door extractor & remove the door
  • To engage coke guide in the oven to be pushed
  • Engage guide cage to receive coke. Slew oven door to cleaning position & clean the door
  • Guide hot coke to coke quenching car during pushing operation
  • Disengage Coke Guide
  • To engage frame cleaner/ door extractor on the oven
  • Clean door frame
  • Repeat the cycle
Functional Specifications of Coal Charging Car
  • Coal Charging CarOpen coal tower gates
  • Close coal tower gates
  • Travel to the oven to be charged & centre
  • Remove all charging hole lids
  • Lower all telescopes
  • Charging hole/ lid cleaning
  • Open/Close the gates & stop/start screw feeders
  • Raise all telescopes
  • Replace charging hole lids
  • Mortar preparation & luting charging hole lids
  • Repeat cycle
Functional Specifications of Quenching Car & Electric Loco
Electric Loco
  • Waiting near the oven to be pushed
  • Receiving the hot coke from the oven
  • Transportation of hot coke to quenching tower
  • Transport & discharge quenched coke on to the coke wharf
  • Travel to the next oven in the battery to be pushed
  • Positioning of the quenching car along the oven to be pushed
Functional Specifications of Pushing Emission ControL System
The Pushing Emission Control System (PEC) is envisaged to capture the emissions of the Hot Coke Dust & other pollutants when coke side door of a coke oven is opened & coke is pushed out of the oven & dropped in to the coke car via Coke Transfer Car.